Ms. Williams has happily returned home to Lucy

Ms. Williams (pseudonym used for confidentiality) is a 70 year old female who lived at home alone.  She has a past medical history of diabetes and CVA.  She was independent with activities of daily living (ADLs – dressing, bathing, etc.) and used a walker for ambulation (walking). She also cared for her small dog, Lucy, but did have help from her daughter who worked close to Ms. Williams’ apartment.  Ms. Williams was admitted to hospital for syncope and multiple falls.  When admitted to Sylacauga Health and Rehab (SHR), she exhibited decreased ability to dress herself and decreased strength and endurance.  She required maximum assistance with transfers, walking, bathing, and safety awareness.

Ms. William’s SHR therapy team worked with her to return to her prior level of functioning, which included, walking, performing ADLs and returning home to her dog Lucy.  During her stay at SHR, Ms. Williams participated in occupational therapy, performing therapeutic exercises and activities to promote increased independence and safety while performing ADLs.  Physical therapy worked with Ms. Williams, taking her from non-walking status to walking 200 feet with a walker. Speech therapy also worked with her to increase her cognitive function, including orientation and safety awareness.

Baseline on Admission Goal Outcome
Needed ADL assistance Independent ADLs Bathes, eats, dresses independently
Assistance for transfers Independent Transfers from bed to chair independently
Unable to ambulate Ambulate with walker Walks 200+ feet with walker
Confused Reduce falls Independent with safety awareness


Ms. Williams has happily returned to her apartment, taking care of Lucy. She has increased awareness of her deficits and is able to perform her daily activities independently.