Mrs. Jones returned home with minimal assistance from family.

Mrs. Jones (pseudonym used for confidentiality) is a 76 year old female who lived at home with her husband.  She was very active in the community and with church activities.  She was independent with activities of daily living (ADLs such as bathing, dressing, etc.), including driving.  Mrs. Jones was admitted to the hospital with a stroke, with right sided paralysis.   When admitted to Sylacauga Health and Rehab, she exhibited inability to complete any activities of daily living.  She was unable to transfer or ambulate (walk).  She also had a feeding tube for all nutrition and hydration.  Her communication with family and staff was very limited.

Mrs. Jones’ therapy team worked with her to regain as much function as possible.  Her goal was to return home with her husband.  During her stay at Sylacauga Health and Rehab, Mrs. Jones participated in occupational therapy which included exercises to increase strength and function in her upper body and complete activities of daily living with minimal assistance.  Physical therapy worked with Mrs. Jones, taking her from non-ambulatory to being able to transfer from the bed and walking short distances with a walker: to a chair, bathroom, etc.  Speech therapy also worked with her to increase her communication and tolerate foods by mouth without having to use the feeding tube.

Mrs. Jones returned home with her husband and is now able to participate in activities of daily living with minimal assistance from family.